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Aircrew - Feature Packed Cockpit Instrument

with Traffic Display, Artificial Horizon and/or Heading Indicator

How do you swap between the screens? A short press of the button cycles you through the three screens, and a long press opens up the side menu. You can update the software by connecting to a WiFi hotspot or plugging the device into a computer. The GPS and traffic data comes from an external traffic receiver such as the ones mentioned on the aircrew website.

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Portable Runway Lighting

Approach Aviation believes Advanced Portable Runway Lights, available now for the first time, are a great way to extend the operating hours of smaller airfields, making the airfields open for business for longer during all times in the year and safer into the bargain. They have attracted the interest in particular of emergency services and charities providing aid in the developing world, but also operators and airfield owners who can use them to provide operational flexibility and to enhance safety, and to enable airfields to be more easily located 24-hours a day 365 days a year.

Aircraft Tugs

Towing an aircraft can damage it if not done properly. Approach Aviation is monitoring developments in this area with a view to advising clients on the purchase of tugs with advanced features that protect aircraft from expensive insurance claims, that can include claims for lost revenue from commercial operators.

Aviation Folding Bikes

Light-weight folding bikes have become an important asset for aircraft owners and pilots who want a convenient means of getting from an airfield to a local town, village or to their overnight accommodation. With aircraft flying to increasingly varied destinations, including small airfields with little or no facilities, lightweight folding bikes are the perfect back-up plan even for those who would not usually plan on cycling.

Limited Edition Watches

Through its working relationship with 57 South Watches, Approach Aviation is providing sales and marketing support in the aviation sector. 57 South is currently producing an Apollo Space Watch to mark the 50th anniversary of men landing on the Moon, in July 1969. The Apollo Space Watch will include some metal from the AS-203 Saturn 1B unmanned mission which broke up after orbiting the Earth four times testing hydrogen fuel tank pressurization. The metal survived reentry and was found in Africa in the 1970s. A Indiegogo campaign will be launched in December 2018 for those wanting to pre-order the watch.

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Approach Aviation is involved in several projects where it works to support the aims of the project in various ways, including research, networking, funding and development.